“Energetics. Energy Efficiency 2014”

Dates: December 9-11, 2014

Location: YunostSports Palace, 51 Sverdlovsky prospect, Chelyabinsk

Event Organizer: Fisrt Exhibition Company

Official Support: Chelyabinsk Region Government, the Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources of Chelyabinsk Region, South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry, South Ural State University, Ural Association of Small-Scale Power Generation

Purpose: search for new markets and new partners, presentations of new technical solutions and innovative technologies in the power industry.


Nuclear Power Engineering

Electric Power Engineering

• Electrical equipment for power generation and transmission;

• Small and alternative power engineering;

• Equipment for power stations and substations, organizing distribution networks. Power transmission and generation;

• Turbine generators, power generators, electrical machinery, compressors, auxiliary equipment, gas turbine power facilities, diesel engines and diesel generators. Standard transmission stations for central heating of industrial and housing facilities.

Heat Power Engineering

• Heat transmission and distribution networks;

• Heating units and nodes;

• Boilers, heat exchangers and auxiliary equipment;

• Steam, hydraulic and gas turbines. Burners;

• Pumping equipment;

• Modern heat and waterproofing materials;

• Water preparation;

• Junction equipment, valves, regulators, reducers;

• Piping and pipe fittings;

• Energy-saving technologies,structures and materials. Environmentally friendly heat power production technologies.

Electrical Equipment

• Equipment for power transmission lines;

• Converters, transformers, transformer substations;

• Electric motors, electric power generators, servo drives, gearmotors;

• Power electronics;

• Low-voltage equipment;

• High-voltage equipment;

• Wiring and electrical products;

• Switchgears, switchboard equipment;

• Protection devices and electrical lightning protectors;

• Electric and installation tools;

• Insulators and electrical products;

• Electrical welding equipment;

• Equipment for traction, crane, welding, thermal, installation and repair works;

• Electrical measurement equipment;

• Non-destructive testing.


• Switching equipment;

• Automation of technological processes;

• Electronic equipment for power engineering;

• Energy controlling systems;

• Automated system for collecting and displaying information.

Electric and heat power, gas and water metering devices. Equipment for heat measuring units. Equipment diagnostics facilities. Air and gas supply systems for

• Industrial facilities;

• Cities, agro-engineering facilities;

• Public utilities (gas supply systems, gas equipment, boilers, burners, appliances, technologies, etc.).

Protection and safety means for power engineering (equipment operational safety, work safety and workwear, industrial safety expert review).

Ecology of power engineering: gas purification, water treatment and recycling

Alternative and independent energy sources

Cables and Wires

• Control, power, installation, computer, television, optical cables;

• Wires for overhead power lines, powercables, communicationwires, special purpose wires;

• Magnet wires, installation wires, flexible wires, coupling wires;

• Heat-resistant wires;

• Enameled wires;

• Cable inletsfor transformers and switchgear, connecting fittings;

• Equipment, tools and accessories for installation of cables and wires;

• Gauges.

Lighting Engineering

• Lamps and lighting systems;

• Street lighting, exterior lighting;

• Traffic lights;

• Spotlights;

• Lighting systems for offices and administrative buildings;

• Lighting control systems and light measuring instruments;

• Safety equipment, alarm installation;

• Lights for vehicles;

• Lamps for various purposes, spots, lighting fixtures for apartments;

• Special lamps and lighting systems for theaters, cinemas and museums;

• Color music, light effects;

• Industrial lighting
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