Organizing conferences and seminars at the trade show

Participants of the trade show are welcome to discover new opportunities and attract more potential business partners and target audience through various seminars, workshops, presentations and other business events during the exhibition.

Business events in the trade show:

• are the quickest way to communicate important information to your target audience;

• are the best way to make direct contact with the people authorized to take decisions;

• are a unique opportunity to demonstrate the benefits, features, and specific activities of your company;

• are a real opportunity to actively engage with partners, competitors and potential customers.

The organizers are ready to provide you with a meeting room for the event together with all the necessary equipment, such as a projector, a screen, sound devices, to make two radio announcements at the trade show before your event, to include your event in the exhibition seminar program and present the information on posters at the reception and on the show web site, to send out the information on your event to the registered users and to power industry professionals.

The event shall last a time period multiple of one hour (i.e., 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.). For exhibitorsthe conference room is free of charge. For non-exhibitors the rental price of the equipped conference rooms is 10,000 rubles per hour.

Please note that time is provided as available.
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