LLC “Fisrt Exhibition Company” has beenin the market of Chelyabinsk region since 2007. During this period, we have developed and successfully implemented more than hundreds of new projects.

Our Strategy

We strive to meet high standards of exhibition services and become a leading venue operator in Chelyabinsk region.

Our Mission

We unite people and create the conditions for obtaining and exchanging professional information.

Our Working Priority Principle is individual attention to each client. Our business is based on the motto “Do whatever wemust and even a little more”. We are constantly attracting new customers to our trade showthus discovering new companies and new products and sharing them with the local business. Also, we are always working on improving the quality of the services we provide to our regular customers.

Our Teamis a group of young and creative professionals which are always open to new solutions, new advanced technologies and most unusual business proposals.

Our Major Venue is Megapolis Exhibition Centre, located in the city center, with spacious and convenient parking and close to major transport intersections, is known and familiar to most citizens of the city.The exposition area of the Exhibition Centre is approximately 1000 sq. m. (ground floor) and 350 sq. m.(second floor) designed for more than two hundred exhibition booths.
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